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The importance of being mobile

These days most people prefer to use a mobile device to access your information. Keep everyone from students to teachers and parents constantly updated with the latest on school events, policy changes, or letters and requests for information.

Targeted Push-Notes

With our state-of-the-art system, you can target push notes to open up a tab in your app, open a pre-formed page or even go to a website page! Studies show that Push-Notes are read by your entire audience within minutes after they are sent.

Immediate attention

Your app lets you skip text, email and phone calls by simply sending Push-Notes that pop up on users’ phones. A smart way to utilise smart phones for those last-minute changes that require immendiate attention.

Smart Features That Work

Why You’ll Love the Customised School App

Hands-Free Maintenance

Amazing App Features

All our apps come with maintenance. This means no worries about who will update your app or things going out of date.

Custom Appearance


We will integrate your existing branding and graphics seamlessly throughout your app whilst adapting everything to the mobile look and feel.

Easy Scheduling


With all your schedules clearly displayed on your app, nobody will miss those important dates and you will be the toast of parents with sporty children.

Mobile Interaction


With all of your school media in ONE place, people will find it much easier to join in the wider school conversation and help build a community!



We can integrate all your YouTube, social and news feeds into your Customised School App so that nobody feels left out again.

Push Notifications


Push Notifications are an extremely handy way of grabbing the attention of your audience for important announcements and those last-minute changes to schedules and times.

Shine A Light With The
Customised School App

Amazing Clarity

Shine a light on your school communications: everything is displayed with amazing clarity on the Customised School App. Your app will be a pleasure to use.

Key Code Verification

You can have password protection on the Customised School App if you want your app to be viewed only by authorised people.


Fast and Easy

It will be quick and easy to update your app because we do it for you. It’s also quick and easy to access information. Your app will be designed to be used by anyone – it’s not rocket science!

Done For You

Once you give us the go-ahead for your app, you can relax. We handle absolutely everything: from initial design to getting your customised app accepted on the App Store and Google Play.
As well as providing App and Play Store URL’s, we can also design custom QR codes for your app to help spread the word.

In Touch, Anywhere

Push Notifications, when used effectively, can play a big part in the communications network of any organisation. With the Customised School App, you can send beautifully-crafted Push Notifications that are clear, readable and take the user to the relevant information or page. With App for it’s intuitive systems, you can send Push Notifications from your desktop, laptop, tablet and even smart phone! Of course you can ask us to do it for you, even at very short notice, as apart of your package.


Start The Conversation Here


Give your audience the information they need through a quality, immersive experience. Websites are great but more and more, mobile is the way to go. With an app, users will not be lured away by the internet!

  • Your app will be your most cost-effective marketing tool.
  • Pupils can access school media safely.
  • Remind you audience to read and act on published information.
  • Be kind to the environment and send a push notification.
  • Your app will always be up to date.
  • Smarter engagement with pupils and parents.

Customised App Sample

Click on the play symbol and then enter the code from your email to open the demo app. This demo contains most of the features that are available but some functionality has been restricted because it is a demo only.
Once your app has been accepted by the app stores, as well as providing App and Play Store URL’s, we can also design custom QR codes for your app to help spread the word and for use in your promotional and official literature.



  • OFFER:
  • 12 months of everything done for you for the price of 10
  • Get TWO months FREEWorth up to £618
  • Everything done for you in all packages
  • Continue to have two months FREE for the duration of your app’s life
  • Check out our plans on the right and click on the Enquire button to ask us a question or for advice
  • Junior
    £129 per month*
    • Everything Done For You
    • Home Page Slider With Optional Links
    • Unlimited Push Notifications
    • Secure Login
    • User Segmentation
    • Social Add-ins (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
    • RSS Feeds
    • 1 In-App Updates Per Month
  • College
    £309 per month*
    • 4 In-App Updates Per Month
    • 2 App Design Updates Per Year

*All plans are subject to a one-off app build cost between £990 to £1950. This includes design, revisions and upload to Google Play and iTunes/App Store.

What We Do

Our ideals

Our aim is simple: on a day to day basis, to give our best to our clients. Through learning and passing on knowledge we can also educate and empower. We strive to do just that. If we can strive to do this every day, everything else falls into place.

We believe that an informed client is a happy client. When our clients themselves uphold the values of knowledge and education, it makes it easier to show how our services can help with the dissemination of their information.

Our skill set

App design 100%
Digital publishing 90%
Graphic design 90%
Web technologies 100%

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